August 30, 2011

Interview in Behind The Veil Webzine (English)

Here is the link to the interview:

1. First of all I'd like you to fill us in on what's happening in the FROZEN DAWN camp at the moment. 
    Hi there, Grinder speaking. We are at the moment really busy promoting our first album entitled "The Old Prophecy of Winterland".

    2. Please point out the most important moments and experiences you've had with the band thus far, be them good or bad.
      First of all I remember our first gig at The Antichrist-mass Fest in Madrid. It was the real beginning of the band and it was a dream that came true. Our gig in Bilbao was also a nice one. There we met really great people and had really lots of fun. And of course our tour with NECROPHOBIC around Spain was amazing. It was also really good the record process of our first album "The Old Prophecy of Winterland" where we learnt a lot about our music and how to record it. Of course there were bad experiences but we prefer to focus on the good ones and forget the bad ones.
    3. Can you present "The Old Prophecy of Winterland" to our readers in a few words? Which are the album's highlights and which its weak moments or elements, according to you?
      There is a word that defines perfectly "The old Prophecy of Winterland" and this is "Cold". Everything in this album is frozen from the music to its lyrics. Winterland is an imaginary world where the mystical meets the darkness and the winter meets the ancient goods making a perfect mixture with all these elements. 
    4. In which ways does your new album differ from your previous works? How and in which ways has the band's sound evolved and progressed all these years?
      Till now "The Old Prophecy of Winterland" is our very first official release. It has been one demo but it was only released for promotional purposes and only a few copies were made. The band's sound has evolved really a lot since the beginning making it stronger and powerful. Although all music has been composed by me (Grinder) all the members of the band had contributed to imbue into FROZEN DAWN's sound its personal sign and that can be seen into the final band's sound and whet FROZEN DAWN is.
    5. Why do you think you stand out from most black metal bands out there? What do you believe you can offer to the metal scene?
      We can offer all our musical experience that we have gathered during all the years that we are into the metal scene. And we hope that the people like our art because we think that we have something fresh and good to offer them.
    6. What kind of procedure do you follow when you compose songs? Do you have to be in a certain state of mind in order to perform the songs as you want?
      Normally I come to the rehearsal room with a new song that the band hear and tell their opinion about. Then all together take this song and make it our own song, modifying some parts adding new one and moving all around.
    7. What does black metal mean to you and why do you think the use of corpse paint is important?
      Black metal is a kind of music, nothing less and nothing more. For me it is a kind of extreme art that has the purpose to reveal all the dark feelings that are inside our souls. I don't think the use of corpse paint is very important. And we do not use it live. But I understand and also like it when a band uses it.
    8. Which song or songs do you think are the most ideal to represent the whole album's essence?
      For me the highlight songs are "The Old Prophecy of Winterland", "Calm Before the Storm" and "Cold Souls". Inside them you can feel all the FROZEN DAWN's essence.
    9. Which are your sources of inspiration when it comes to the lyrics? Which are the main topics you deal with?
      I have a big fascination about the moon, the winter, death, and mainly the inspiration comes from that. Those are also the main topics of the album. 
    10. Why did you name the album "The Old Prophecy of Winterland"? What do you mean?
      The lyrical concept of the album goes about the old stories that happened in "Winterland" a long time ago. It is also the name of the ending title of the album and fits perfectly with the concept of the album, presenting both the lyrical theme and a song at the same time. 
    11. Who created the cover artwork? What does it show and how is it connected to the album title and lyrics?
      I am also the creator of the artwork.It shows dead mummified hands that represent a link between the coldness of a dead body and the magic that emerges from hands. I tried to give the cover a freezing and rotting flavor.
    12. Have you got any plans for live shows? How are you promoting your work? What do you think of the use of the Internet? How helpful is it for a new band?
      We're already preparing a tour around Spain during this fall and winter. We are trying to promote our work as much as possible and through each possible way, from promo albums, flyers and gigs, to emailing, compilations, online stores, etc.The use of the Internet is essential now to promote a band especially a new one. 
    13. The music industry blames the Internet for the financial crisis they are in. Where do you stand on this matter?
      The music industry must evolve! 
    14. Is there a phrase that you think describes FROZEN DAWN in the best possible way?
      I need only one word. Cold.
    15. Thank you! Is there anything else you'd like to add?