Frozen Dawn is a Spanish band that performs a cold old school black metal, in the style of the first black metal bands that emerged during the 90s in Norway and Sweden. Its main influences are bands like Satyricon, Dissection, Darkthrone, Dark Fortress, Watain and Necrophobic. Its members have dedicated over ten years to promote the extreme metal scene in Spain having played & playing in bands like Haemorrhage, Greenfly, Spiritual Intervention, and many others.

Frozen Dawn's music is basically inspired from a conceptual basis, Winterland. A land permanently immersed into a cold winter in which the forces of nature fight each other. A world where the supernatural meets the mystical, the worship of the moon meets the darkness and  elements. A world so cruel and merciless as winter.

The first album of the band is entitled “The Old Prophecy of Winterland”. The whole album verses, through all the tracks,  about the story of this land, its landscapes and of its individuals and entities that roam through Winterland. The album was released on march 2011 by Mighty Hordes Productions

The second album of the band is entitled "Those of the Cursed Light", and again roams deep into diverses aspects and legends of Winterland. 

The third album of the band is entitled "Unearthing the black arts", and features cover versions of some of the bands that influenced the Frozen Dawn sound most.

The fourth album of the band is entitled "The Decline of the Enlightened Gods" and will be realeased By Transcending Obscurtity Records during 2022.