March 28, 2014

Review of "Those of the Cursed Light" in Metal Bleeding Corp. Webzine (English)

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This Album was indeed very memorable, because we hear so many structure and tempo are very harmoniously, besides the quality of the tremolo picking rhythms are very harmonic and wondrous.  Heard the strains of melodic that they play , also provides many shades of darkness and gloom, rage and contemplation of the soul with maintaining the stability of their concentrations play more nuanced of black rhythms and impressive.  The  second full length Album from 'Frozen dawn', titled ' Those of the Cursed Light ' has nine songs including a song titled ' Kalte Seele' which we thought was a Germany-speaking lyrics.
'Those of the Cursed Light ' is an abum that really have harmonic tones, touches the soul with darkness concept that they preach, the structure and tempo from rhythms that they played, very deep and very spiritual.  If we hear the melodic strains and Tremolo picking that they play,   This album as leadeth our souls to ponder the gloom of nature conditions in the world today
The Harmonious of Black Riffs and frozen characters from the black shades being played started in a song titled ' Banished, the Everlasting Confinement '.  This song direct gives deep vibration from stringed tones when heard at the beginning of the rhythm in this song, and offset by a splendour from the tremolo picking tones that they play.   This song is very touching the soul and ' Frozen dawn ' lead us straight into a gate from a contemplation of the soul that is chained from the bleakness of the world's Natural Conditions right now.

We stopped briefly at a rhythm that we think the most dismal on the second track entitled 'Blackened March' . This song is very clear and we think represent the entire character or black concept from this album. Really Impressive.  Followed by the tittle album  that became the third song and also complement our meditation about the conditions of the world right now.  This song also has the catchy impression when hearing the rhythms being played, but nonetheless we are getting a very magnificent black shades and strong in this song.
After hearing the strains of darkness from three previous song.   The dark vibe is getting threatening us when we hear the melody strains, which beginning the song titled ' Circles of Frostbitten Ice '.  This song is very atmospheric black metal songs and the best of the best of this album.  A little similar to the previous concept, we again provided with melodic tones which is fused with the whole concept of blackmetal on a song called ' Nocturnal Sacrifice '.

The power of a black sense they do in this album is very obvious and easily perceived when they play a tremolo picking in virtually every early tone in every song that they play and made us keep digging and curious with the overall rhythm that they play.  And again they prove in a song titled ' Under Thy Throne '.
We can only say that this album actually played very timeless black rhythms, melodic tones from the purity of blackmetal fixed we get in this album, in addition, the concept of darkness that they offer really feels and very touching.  But you have to know, that you should explore the rhythm by rhythm that they play, and it will surely bring you and accompany you into the black shades that we think is a brillian vision from them.    The song titled ' The Triumph of God Frost ' obviously gives it all. We highly appreciate and feel the touch of black rhythm that they play in this song, everything is very solid and dark.
A little different in set the tempo , this time, in the last two songs titled 'Eternal Frost ' and ' Kalte Seele '.  These Songs are provide a concept of very brilliant atmospheric blackmetal and magnificent.  We think these songs are the most two impressive song for us.  All rhythm that they played mainly in song titled 'kalte seele',  totally played the soul rhythms from very impressive tremolo picking.