January 15, 2015

Review "Those Of The Cursed Light" in The Grim Tower Webzine (english)

Here is the link to the review: http://thegrimtower.com/weekly-reviews-121-5-august-28-2014/

This is the sophomore album from Spanish black metallers Frozen Dawn, and I’ve really got to say that there’s certainly something here for fans of Satyricon, Rotting Christ and several others in the modern black metal contingent. Regardless of the fact that both of the aforementioned acts did have raw early years, this echoes them at their latest, but just before they both switched up their acts completely (Rotting Christ went more theatrical, while Satyricon went for a more atmospheric approach). Though the approach is modern, it definitely has a bite that will be long remembered after the initial listen thanks in part to frontman Grinder. The guy’s got a voice that is suited especially for this style, with vocal lines that torrent forth with a seething aura of rage and hatred throughout. Lord Morgoth might certainly bring forth the freezing fire with his guitar, but he also knows how to play some rather convincing leads that immediately show me promise. As for the drummer Arjan Van Der Wijst, he pretty much follows the common formula of black metal and brings the traditional feel of the genre along with him. For a country synonymous with Hieronymus Bosch and his fiery take to religious artwork, Frozen Dawn show that not everyone in the country is so religiously inclined. Those Of Cursed Light doesn’t try to offer any more than what it is, but the frostbitten symphony laden within will be more than enough for black metal fans who like a harsh yet melodic performance, with a cleaner approach to production.