October 5, 2015

Review "Those Of The Cursed Light" on Thy Demons Bescribblin Webzine (english)

Here is the link to the review: http://www.thydemonsbescribblin.com/album-reviews---spin-or-burn/cults-vault-10-thy-art-is-beloveth


It took me all of ten seconds to fall ass-over-tit for this album. With a musical style, delicious speed with an evil edge, in the same vein as Dissection and Necrophobic boasting vocals of a type synonymous as being associated with the black metal genre (though dangerously close to Unleashed's Johnny Hedlund at times) there's no wonder why TotCL grabbed my attention so fast, that's not even mentioning that parts remind me of a vintage Moonspell. Blistering guitars caress a drum salvo that rarely lets up. In fact, the riffs rarely slow to less than a heart attack rate, surprisingly tight with a discernible menacing quality. It's very hard for me to pick out any tracks that shine in the album as overall it's a quality release that flows amazingly well throughout pure and simple. Well worthy of a few spins, who knows it might even set you upon your very own black metal pilgrimage.

630 black robed skulls with a sacrificial dagger held aloft out of 666