June 17, 2011

Review "The Old Prophecy Of Winterland" in Behind The Veil Webzine (English)

Here is the link to the review: http://behindtheveil.freehostia.com/june_main.html#FROZENDAWN

Debut full length work from the quartet from Spain that showcases the band's rendition of black metal music is what Mighty Hordes Productions are here presenting and offering us. "The Old Prophecy of Winterland" may be an album released very recently, but music-wise it doesn't have many neoteristic or modern elements to show, but rather the contrary since it's focused on the old school Norwegian sound. The tempos are mainly fast with some really sharp riffs and tons of blast beats and naturally, since we're dealing with the old school sound, there's no place for keyboards or melodies. There's only place for sharp riffs, blackened frozen atmospheres and tormented black metal howls. I know that "The Old Prophecy of Winterland" is nothing new or original, but on the other hand I can't overlook the fact that it's a perfectly executed album with some really great tunes and an epic scent surrounding the songs. FROZEN DAWN is a very promising band that has put forth an excellent album for the fans of the traditional black metal sound and bands like DISSECTION, DARKTHRONE, DARK FORTRESS, early IMMORTAL and the likes and I'm sure they'll enjoy this work because it has catchy compositions, a good, for the sound, production and a cover version of SATYRICON's "Fuel for Hatred".

Christine  Parastatidou