July 19, 2011

Review "The Old Prophecy Of Winterland" in Lords of Metal Webzine (Eng)

Here is the link to the review: http://www.lordsofmetal.nl/showreview.php?id=19222&lang=en

Watain and old Dissection are names that keep on popping up in my head when listening to ‘The Old Prophecy Of Winterland’. Yes, the guys from Madrid called Frozen Dawn play melodic black metal in the vein of luminaries such as Watain and old Dissection. Even in such a way that I did check from time to time if I wasn’t really listening to some covers. But no, all their own material, except for closing cover ‘Fuel For Hatred’ by Satyricon. Hahahaha, well, they did pull one on me there. A Satyricon cover and then especially this one I hadn’t expected. But it does fit perfectly in between their own songs.
Production wise everything is nice and powerful and clear without losing the raw edges. Originality is far and in between, but who cares when it all sounds like on here. Fans of Watain and old Dissection I highly recommend to check out ‘The Old Prophecy Of Winterland’.

Marcel H.