July 29, 2011

Review "The Old Prophecy Of Winterland" in Metal Provider (English)

Here is the link to the review: http://metalprovider.net/frozen-dawn-the-old-prophecy-of-winterland/

Frozen Dawn is a bunch of guys from Madrid (Spain). They are playing melodic black metal much in the vein of Watain, Satyricon, Dissection, Necrophobic and similar acts. Obviously their style of playing is much inspired by old-school cold, dark and grim black metal of the bands that emerged during the 90s in Norway and Sweden.

Their latest offering is entitled The Old Prophecy Of Winterland. The album offers ten regular tracks and the closing 11th called “Fuel For Hatred”, an aforementioned Satyricon cover. The vocals are raspy, clearly-defined riffs, blast beats followed by tremolo-picking and numerous soaring melodies, are just some of the details you can hear on this opus.

Production wise this album is sounding just nice and powerful. It is also as clear as possible when talking of this kind of a release, but still without losing the rawness in the sound.

To sum it all up; this is not a reinvention of the wheel, but these guys are doing their thing well. In other words; this is a pretty cool dark black metal release that will please fans of the extreme metal scene, but also metalheads in general.