February 21, 2012

Frozen Dawn in The Pain Fucktory Radio

Edition Nº5 (Monday 20/02/2012 to Sunday 26/02/2012)

Here is the link to the radio: http://www.thepainfucktory.com/radio.htm
Complete track list.
01.WARDRUM "The Meaning Of Forever"
02. AHERUSIA "Lux Occulta"
03. ANOREKSI "Death Carillon"
04. EVERFAILED "Amnesia"
05. THIRST OF REVENGE "Rest In Pieces"
06. BANE "The True Insomnia"
07. EREVOS "Erinyes"
08. OUIJA "Magma"
09. DISOLVO ANIMUS "Planitarie Regiment"
10. NOCTURNAL TORMENT "Forever Eternal Darkness"
11. THE DESCENT "Winter Hell"
12. PUTRID BLOOD "Arrival"
13. MORIA "Truth And Lie"
14. BIO-CANCER "Spread The Cancer"
15. RISE IN HATRED "Blinded By The Cross"
16. DOMINION "The Black Invocation Of War"
17. FROZEN DAWN "The Old Prophecy Of Winterland"
18. SPELLCRAFT "Lilith´s Breath"
19. SHTURM "Eagles Above Tibet"
20. AS MEMORY DIES "Fifth Day, Leviathan"
21. KORGULL THE EXTERMINATOR "Awaiting For Death´s Embrace"
22. AWAITING FEAR "Cenotaph (Bolt Thrower Cover)"
23. ZEIT GEIST "Worldwide Terror"
24. NOSTALGIA "Crystal Jail"

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LABELS: submit them your releases and band infos for being airplayed in the coming shows